The 26th British Academy Cymru Awards 2017 got held on 8th October 2017. This ceremony takes place in a bid to honor excellent performance in the entertainment industry within the fields of television, games, and film in Wales. Once the guests had eaten to their fill, they danced the night away as they left at their pleasure.


Lights, camera, action!

At the event, there was a press pit where journalists took time to interview celebrities and other guests who graced the occasion. Fans got the chance to pose for photos with various stars and got autographs in the process. The importance of the event, as well as the future of the entertainment industry, was discussed. Many celebrities in the industry attested to the fact that more efforts need to go into the teaching of performance arts in school.


Interview after the ceremony


Red carpet moment

As people left the press pit to head to the main event in the St David’s Hall in Cardiff, they got to walk on a red carpet. This moment was unique to the guests who had not had such treatment in the past. Once the guests got into the hall, ushers helped them to their seats. The room was full, and there was an eager air all around the guests.



The show’s host was Huw Stephens, a BBC Radio 1 presenter. He got aided by actresses Vicky McClure and Alexandra Roach. Actors Tom Cullen and Peter Capaldi excelled in their roles as presenters. Twenty-eight guests were lucky enough to receive awards during the show as hundreds of guests looked on while others streamed the event live from their various locations.



After the award part of the ceremony was over, guests headed towards the Radisson Blu, where a fantastic celebration lay in wait. Here, there was another red carpet that led the guests towards the first floor where the main event would be. The party lasted for four hours during which time the guests enjoyed themselves thoroughly. With fantastic sounds coming from DJ Snooze’s set-up as well as the Rhys Taylor band, the guests got to play in the casino and the games room. Also available in the after-party were a Champagne Taittinger Lounge, gin cocktails from Da Mhile, Tiny Rebel Beers and a Villa Maria lounge.

Cocktail party cheers


Special games

Sugar Creative had a game where guests could play by the use of virtual reality. This game was a means of celebrating the return of the Games Awards to the British Academy Cymru Awards 2017/ for the first time in six years.



Guests got to gamble as they enjoyed the other niceties in the event. Various gambling techniques were in play, and those who love betting got to place wagers all through the night.



For those with a sweet tooth, they got a real treat when Hotel Chocolat gave away bags of chocolate to the guest. The buffet was filled with various types of fantastic food as well.